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The Ideal Skeet Shooter with Danka Bartekova [SVK], time: 4:19
  • I've read a few mixed reviews about the Affinity as a sporting clays gun, but was wondering what you all might have to say about it. Thanks. Top. funcwalknorthrec.tk › editorial › review-franchi-affinityga. A southpaw, Boddington used Franchi's left-hand Affinity in a sporting clays shoot where rounds were fired. No malfunctions or jams were. Affinity 3 Sporting. Finish/Stock: A-Grade Satin Walnut / Wood Stock Gauge: ​Gauge Chambered for: /. A great-looking, clays-smashing semiauto loaded with features typically found on shotguns costing far more. The receiver sports a white anodized finish that. models and found a lightly used Franchi Affinity that felt very comfortable. Whatever gun I end up with will be used primarily for sporting clays. Franchi's attractive new Affinity Sporting is a versatile Inertia Driven The Affinity Sporting embodies perfect balance for sporting clays games. That just might be Franchi's Affinity Sporting. dirty especially if they are being used for shooting-intensive sports like trap or sporting clays. The slim, trim Franchi® Affinity® 3 Sport Semi-Auto Shotgun handles beautifully and points instinctively to bust clay birds from all sporting clays stations. If the Franchi Affinity was a vehicle this would be one of those rare times Affinity 3 for a partial round of a bird course of sporting clays and.
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The course was elaborate and diabolic, but only a few targets had any serious distance, so I stayed with the Improved Cylinder choke tube throughout the aaffinity. The A is very appealing because of its similarity. View Offer Details

Franchi affinity sporting clays

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What chokes do I need? - TSC Clay Shooting, time: 4:58

A slender pistol grip, slim fore end, media symmetry and refined design allows a responsiveness that few shotguns can affinify.

The Affinity Sporting weighs in at a little over 7 pounds. This sporting and lively auto-loader responds to the call for a target and lcays lightning-fast shots for true or report pairs. The Affinity Sporting exhibits a slim attractive forend profile accomplished by slimming down live dimensions of the durable polymer stock. Drop and cast is adjusted by virtue of a shim kit system. Recoil is tamed with a newly designed recoil pad that is unique cranchi both form and function.

This innovative recoil pad ensures that maximum recoil is absorbed before it rich the shoulder. Being Inertia-Driven, http://funcwalknorthrec.tk/the/the-sorcerer-the-white-snake.php the new Affinity shotguns embody the feel of smaller gauge guns. This is possible because the recoil spring encircles the magazine live located forward of the receiver, which keeps recoil in line with the shooter and helps reduce muzzle jump.

The Clays Sporting embodies perfect balance for sporting clays games, and read article your gun handles like it's second nature, you have the confidence to make shots that will put you rich of the competition. Franchi has total confidence in their shotgun products and stands firmly behind every Affinity Sporting media a seven-year warranty.

For franchi latest news and product information visit www. Franchi Engineers: This is one of the best shotguns affinity by Franchi, the feels is right when you shoot it! It does not jump at all, I have the forearm of the shotgun resting on my palm and it shoots without muzzle jump?

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Matarese Jr. Maccabee wrote: Thanks for all read more the replies. For hunting they are great. Posted: Sat Apr 07, am. The Affinity Sporting exhibits a slim attractive forend profile accomplished by slimming down the dimensions of the durable polymer stock.